Custom Actions -> Open Form is bouncing back

Hi guys,
My custom action is super simple,

  1. Go Back
  2. Open Form

It was working fine,
but this morning it started bouncing back and actually skipping step #2.

I tried to test “Notification” as a third step, and this one is working,
So not sure what the problem is :confused:

I believe forms must be opened from Detail screens. Can you explain a bit more about your use case?

Hi David,
it was all working as is this morning :confused:

Tiles (View Details) -> Custom Action that includes

  1. Go Back
  2. Open Form

@Ryan by use case, I mean, the particulars of your app that make you want to open the form after you go back, rather than go back after you close the form, for example. Would the latter option be acceptable?

Isn’t the default behaviour to go back to the previous screen after submitting a form anyway? I don’t think that original action (Go back… Open Form) is even necessary.

That being said, other actions that take place after the form submit would be very helpful (going to a different tab, for example).

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I know,
I tried to go “two steps” backwards (submitting a form is one step + “go back” which will get me back to the tiles view).

removed the “go back” step and yet the form doesn’t open.

Had to recreate the same form using the same go back + open form method,
and it’s now working; not sure what the problem was.

Now I have a different issue, the mobile app is behaving differently than Glide editor,
PFA (apologies for the Hebrew :slight_smile: )


This just happened again with two of my apps :frowning:

It was all working this morning and stopped working out of the blue,
without me changing anything.

Strange. Can you please send us a video showing the behavior?

Sure -

Happy to share a link to the app but prefer to do so in private.


Any update please?
This has happened across a brand new app I just built (same non-working scenario, but not nearly closed to the rows limit).

The only ways to “fix it” is to:

  1. Deatch the actions option and move back to the old basic form option
  2. Recreate the same form in the pre-existing action