Edit: Title field not pulling from GDE - Video included

I’m trying to use the client-entered-question from Q1 as the Title for the form they want to record feedback with but Q1 data only displays as “Default Value”. Why would the Title field have the “•••” if we can’t pull a title from the sheet?

@Mark @david

What happens if you remove the question marks or make the question shorter?

Instead of the title setting, I would probably use a Text component to display the question. A lot more flexibility and no limit on length


Interesting. Something strange is going on there. Please create a support case by emailing support@glideapps.com. Make sure to include the following information:

  1. A support link (if it’s a sample app and you make it copyable then just the URL of the sample app will be fine.)
  2. Who the logged in user should be, if applicable.


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