How can I make column headers the text title? (Without sheet formulas and Single Value?)

Hey all

I want the user to be able to edit the title of an Action Text simply by updating the header in the sheet, or by editing the form in the app. However, Glide does not accept the header row as a title of an Action Text (or any form of text), only Row 1.

This means I have to use a sheet formula to reproduce the header in the sheet on row 2 of the sheet, and then use a Single Value to input that title all the way down.

Is there an easier way that does not require all these steps. I’m particularly keen to avoid using a sheet formula.

An option to select the header as title would be amazing.


So each user will have different action text titles? Have you considered using user-speciifc columns for this?

Can you expand more on your use case here?

Anyone who copies the app may want to change the action text titles to suit their setting. They do not need to be user specific, but even if they were, how would they go about editing the title?

I have set it up so that a user can edit the header in the sheet (the yellow cells in the screenshot) and it will automatically update the title. But to do this I have set it up as described above, with a formula and a single value column for every header. It works, but feels unwieldy for such a simple function. The screenshots are just a sample - the actual app requires heaps of extra columns to make this work (7 tables x 10 headers = 70 extra columns + all the replicated sheets columns is about 140 extra columns :grimacing:

I’ve read your original post a couple of times, and this reply, and my brain is still trying to process what you are doing (or trying to do). Something feels really wrong here…

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Apologies, I’ll try to explain more clearly. The fact that this isn’t making sense gives me hope that this issue is just a result of my set up and that there is a simple solution.

A user would receive their copy of the app with generic headers already in place, e.g. Maths, English, Science etc. They would then want to change them according to their own assessment needs. As they change each one, it would become the action text title of the associated choice component.

These action text titles also serve the function of clearing the number of the choice when tapped.

Not sure if I have added anything useful here…sorry in advance…

I’m wondering if the situation you’re finding yourself in might be a result of the fact that you’ve arranged (hard coded) your subject names in columns, as opposed to having a separate Subjects table with just a single column for your list of Subjects…

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Hmm perhaps, will re-think the set up. Trying to wrap my head around how it could be set up any other way and function as required. Cheers for the input

mmm, I realise that my response may not have been particularly helpful, and not what you were wanting to hear. But your earlier screen shot set off a few alarm bells for me. Any time you think you need user-defined or dynamic column headings, that’s usually a sign that something is wrong with your data structure and a bit of normalisation is needed.

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The app is here if you have time to poke around. To access the area relating to this thread please go to the menu and ‘Select App’. Tap ‘Attendance and Assessment’, then go to the Assessment tab on the bottom. It’s a sample with fake names so feel free to change/add data etc.

All good, I appreciate your efforts and have received a lot of advice from you that have contributed to other apps of mine, and this one as well :+1:

If they have received a copy then they can just change that in the builder, I assume?

Or, you give them columns in their user profiles table and let them name the components there, if they don’t know how to work with the builder.

Hi, yes they could change the labels in the builder but it would take a bit of time and they would need to know what they are doing. Your idea about using the user profile table is one I’ll try though, thank you.

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