I'm Scratching My Head Again! How do I edit the form that is generated when the custom form is not being used

Gidday Fellow Gliders,
Okay here goes. I have added a videos data sheet and thanks to all support and help provided this sheet is now working correctly (including having a play button that shows for each individual user’s videos.

As you notice there is a + Upload button (which was relatively easy to edit to show upload rather than add).

When the user clicks on this Upload button the action is to take the user to a form screen.

Now what I’m scratching my head on is I want to edit this specific form only to include the a Text field: Title of Image/Video. I’m happy for this field to either be above or below the image field.

The issue is I cannot find where this form is actually located in order to simply edit this form to show Email, Title of the Image/Video, Actual Image and Video URL.

Screenshot 2023-10-14 165148

I’ve checked the data sheets for both videos and the overall users data tables.

Videos Data Sheet

Screenshot 2023-10-14 165616

Now the video title etc. appears correctly as you can see

However, if one adds an image via the upload form, then the title does not appear as the user cannot include this in the form that is showing, hence whilst the image does appear, the title does not:

Therefore I have to manually include the Title in the data sheet in order for the title to appear, which I am hoping I will not have to do, especially if the user decides at a later date that they prefer not to use this image.

I’ve tried adding another column to the data sheet - no joy. I’ve tried creating a relationship column that directly relates to the image. No joy.

Hence, I’m lost. I’ve tried checking out Glide University various videos - no joy.

I for the life of me cannot work out why Glide has created the form (where the form was created) and why the video title is not showing on the form.

In Conclusion:
My aim is that friends can use this portal to quickly upload any images they prefer so I can include them into the app I’m developing for them and also make it as streamlined as possible. Especially as the 2 apps I’m working on for friends at present, these friends are rather computer challenged (They know more about their mobiles than me to be honest) and I’m trying to give them a way via an app to make their lives a wee bit easier on aspects they currently need a computer for, so they can simply go to their respective app, and update via their mobile or tablet which they are more familar with.

Any suggestions and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

The Action that opens the form is this one here :point_down: - the Title Bar Action

But - that’s not where you edit the form. To edit the form, you simply need to open it by clicking the “Upload” button. Then if you look in the Components panel on the left hand side of the builder screen, you’ll see a list of components that are in the form. You can add and remove components as you wish.

Note: If users are signed in, then it is not necessary to ask them to enter their email address. You already have that in their User Profile Row. To automatically capture it when the form is submitted, add a component to the form screen - look for Email in the User Profile group of components - and point it at your email column.

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Hi Darren,
Many thanks. You are a champion of the very first order. If I could I would give you a medal - Glide Expert of the Victoria Cross (which is the highest honour medal here in Aussie land for soldiers).

I knew it would be simple, once I knew how. Thank you so very much. Very greatly appreciated. :heard_and_mc_donald_islands: :heart:


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