Dynamically access social links in Glide - using new actions

Probably you have wanted to build a dynamic list of social links: Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. before but there’s no straightforward way to do it without costing rows.

Now with the actions Glide introduced, I achieved the thing above just this week with 4 rows, and think this can be helpful for people so I would share this.

First time using Screenity to record + write on screen at the same time, hopefully it’s clear for all of you.

The copyable app: https://diligent-connection-7762.glideapp.io/


Thanks @ThinhDinh This would surely help in one of my App where I wanted to provide option of sending SMS/Email/Whatsapp. Since this was not possible earlier, I had to use buttons instead of icons.

I will try your solution and revert.


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@ThinhDinh Nice one :+1: thanks for working on this and for putting video and app together

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@Rosewebstudio @Pratik_Shah Thanks guys, I will share more action flows as I work on more apps :blush:

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For who’s interested: Screenity is free and open source and Screenflow in a browser (though only live recording, no editing afterwards).


@erwblo thanks will check it out


Thanks - this is really helpful.

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I’m still trying to understand what kind of sorcery is the relation between rows and columns that you use in the single element component, is there a place where it explains those features of the component, like the whole row relation or… the more I think about it, the more I think it’s just your genius, wow, very well done.

That’s exactly what I was doing with my app, but I was using an opposite method for creating this kind of menu but I think I prefer yours more, I’ll now try your method, thx

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Brilliant @ThinhDinh!


Finally found a use case for the single column’s whole row Max. I was not sure what to do with it when it was first released, but here I found out that instead of having to make 4 template columns & 4 relations I can just create 4 “relations” from single value cols. Pretty neat.


I’m now working on a similar menu but it is 2 or 3 levels of filters, where the first one is a macro category for the second and so on that will be applied to a list, suggestions?

Can you share some screenshots or list out here the structure of your data? Thank you.

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Brilliant! :star2:

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