Private community app (feed, community, posts, etc)

Happy Friday!
At we’ve been working on a couple of MASSIVE apps that I’ll show you guys (hopefully) soon, but today I wanted to show you this app.
TheFreeBirds is a community, and the challenge for this client was that everything was in a different place: Facebook group, Kajabi, job board, etc.

With this app, they have everything in the same place. This way, it’s easier to up-sell and cross-sell, and their users are way more engaged than when everything is spread out in different tools.

We even created some pretty cool tricks with actions and sounds :wink:

Take a look here:


That’s a pretty neat app @eltintero!

Good job man! Keep it up!

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great work!

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Excellent :clap:

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Very proud to have nailed that “social links” list. I have been waiting for actions to do that specific thing for a long time, since viewing a post from @Krivo.


@ThinhDinh any hints on how you did that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Probably it deserves another post but I’m gonna write it out here first.

I have a separate sheet with 4 rows. Let’s call it “Social”. One fixed column contains these values:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • LinkedIn
  • Website

Then 1 user-specific column called “Dynamic link”, which I will use for this trick.

Then back to the user’s sheet, I make 4 template columns contain text values email, phone, LinkedIn, website.

Those 4 template columns are then used to make 4 relations to the “Social” sheet.

The action when any user opens each user’s profile item is firstly view details, then 4 set columns based on those 4 relations to insert the actual email (mailto: Email), phone (tel: Number), LinkedIn (URL) and Website (URL) to the “Dynamic link”.

By doing so, I only need 4 rows to achieve what I need.

Let me know if you have any questions.


@Krivo Here’s a video.

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It looks like someone took a couple of Robert’s apps and smashed them together…lol

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Definitely not. It’s 100 custom made using all of Glides functionalities!


Hi we are looking for a Feed Solution solution for a school community that enable

Admin and Class Teachers to Post Feeds

  1. Admin can select all recipients , individually or by class of students;
  2. Class teachers can select recipients only from their own class;

Recipients such as Staff and Parents can view if they are selected as recipients.

Does your solution offer this?

Yes, we’ve done apps that have that functionality you’re talking about.
Feel free to schedule a discovery call here Calendly - Jesus Vargas

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Sure! Will arrange a time via the link.