Need help creating an In-line list

I’ve created a few Inline lists but must have brain fog now lol.

I have a sheet called “Users”, with columns for each user’s social links for Instagram, Facebook, etc.

I just want to create an Inline List to display each user’s social profiles in a row on their Public Profile page.

I think where I am getting hung up is the fact that my prior Inline lists were looking for multiple rows, not multiple columns.

Do I need a separate Page just for their social profiles?

Hope this helps. I accidentally deleted the copyable app some time ago so if you have any questions do tell me.

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I got it to work, just not a fan of showing a social icon when the link is empty and just showing a notification that “no link”. Not sure how to only show ones with content in it.

Edit** Actually if you use Filter: “Dynamic Link” is not empty, it works!

Also implemented a “Set Column” - Clear Value for Dynamic Link per Social Profile incase someone has a certain profile that you previously viewed and then look at someone else who doesnt have that social profile.

This solution actually didnt work for me as people who arrive directly into the user profile wont have the chance to Set the Columns as they bypass the Button with the associated Action. :open_mouth:

What’s your current setup? When you say “User profile”, do you mean the profile section in the hamburger menu or a tab you currently have? Either way it does not work as you said, and you might need to resort to multiple lines for multiple social links for this. Then it would be an easy inline list setup.

Well the primary reason why your solution doesn’t work for me is that users have a “public profile” that they can share on social media. But if you click directly into the public profile, there was no prior action to set the dynamic link column. Thus none of the social profiles are displayed when a user goes straight into the profile via deep link.

I ended up just using 6 Link component for each social link heh. Just really wanted them all in a row and tiny. Oh well. But your solution would have worked if I didnt have people publicly sharing their profiles, which is a different pain point atm.

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Well in that scenario, as I said, you would need multiple rows in a different Sheet for different social links.

At that point I’d probably build a template column that dynamically creates a markdown or html table to display icons with links in a single row. An inline list isn’t going to work without using up rows.


So in the template column, you’d write CSS and use say LINK1 and IMG1 in the code. Then replace LINK1 with the URL of the social profile for that user and then replace IMG1 with the image URL for the social Icon?


But I wouldn’t call it CSS unless you are actually going to use stylesheets to change the look. Instead, it would either be Markdown or HTML syntax Creating a table with markdown would be the simplest solution, but lacks a lot of functionality and is hard to get it to span the full width of the screen. HTML Tables are more flexible and what I would suggest for something like this.

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Alright, after a ton of frustration, I dont think the table will work for 1 primary reason.

I have the Table HTML code, but in order to dynamically display social icons that only have links, I need to dynamically insert the additional lines of HTML per link, which I was able to accomplish.

However, the only issue thats got me stuck is that if there is no social link, it injects empty space into my HTML, which then causes the code to break. Not sure how else to get around it.

Pretty frustrating and complicated process to simply show a User’s social icons in a row…

Can you show how you have it set up? I guess what I would do is have separate template columns that build each table column. Then If columns to determine if a link/column should be part of a table. Then a final template that joins everything together. There are a lot of ways to accomplish it, but it may take a handful of columns to get it right. My app has dynamically built html tables. Each html table row is built on separate rows, then brought into another sheet through a multiple relation and a joined list column. Final it’s added into a template column that wraps the joined list with the table tags. Just break it down and build the pieces for each link, then out it all together.


Unfortunately I deleted all my columns as it just became too much just so I can have 1-6 icons in a horizontal row, that might or might not have looked good / functioned as I imagined.

Thanks for your help though!

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Decided to try it again and finally got it to work!

Will now only show the Users social icons if they have provided a link for each respective platform!

With up to six different social links, it took about 20+ columns to accomplish this lol