Fixing a Cloudinary Problem (that drove me nuts) - fetch not working - sharing solution

Hi! I’ve been using Cloudinary for a while, mostly with uploaded images. I then have been working on a project that almost exclusively uses imaged stored on other sites. This means I need to use ‘fetch’ instead of ‘upload’. All good… but for some reason things kept breaking!!

I finally figured out what the issue was. There is a security setting in Cloudinary that disables Fetch. For odd reasons, it can get switched on. By changing my settings, all is working now.

Sharing in case anyone else has experienced the problem.


I could be interested in more images storage, how do you use cloudinary?

I have been using it to store some images (not many, mostly me practising) but mainly for image Transformations. For instance I have a markdown table which contains social media icons (like FB, etc) which are:

  • colored if there is a value (FB URL exists) otherwise greyed out
  • and incorporates the URL as a link

Example attached - hope this gives you an idea of what you could do.

Ok, nice, that’s an horizontal list, right?

Btw, you could just make the icon not visible if the relative social is not present, no?

I actually made it as a markdown table (an example for my data below)

  • this gives me a lot of control
    ---- I have a version of this which allows the user to set their fav communication methods - then it would add a nice Star over the icon
  • and I wanted consistency to show all these options exist, nudging people into editing their profile and adding more options
| [![Email](]( | ![Spacer](,w_5/v1582665410/markup_blank_raikp2.png) | [![Twitter](]( | ![Spacer](,w_5/v1582665410/markup_blank_raikp2.png) | [![Linkedin](]( | ![Spacer](,w_5/v1582665410/markup_blank_raikp2.png) | [![Whatsapp](]( | ![Spacer](,w_5/v1582665410/markup_blank_raikp2.png) | [![Telegram](]( | ![Spacer](,w_5/v1582665410/markup_blank_raikp2.png) | [![Instagram](]( | ![Spacer](,w_5/v1582665410/markup_blank_raikp2.png) | [![Facebook](]( |


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In Google Sheets I have a tab for ‘social markup’. At the top I set up the images I will use, resizing, and how to grey out if the data is not there. Then I make sure there is a nice image for each option. Then I pull in the header from the Users sheet, and go through column by column to see if:

  • there is data or not (will pick the colored or grey icon)

Then the markdown section for each column creates the image + URL (or email header) for each option
And finally in column B the ‘Table Images’ pulls it all in with a nice =(A1 & …) etc to make the table.


And bug fixing afterwards to make sure it works. And then reuse across my projects to save me time :slight_smile:

I did something like that for a social network list here, if you want an alternative you can check the link below.