Duplicating a column with formulas?

I tried to duplicate a column with a ready-made formula (Google table). At the same time, activate the columns user-specific parameter. But it seems that the formulas in the duplicated column do not work.

And the column is duplicated empty

Do you mean a google sheet formula? User specific columns are internal to glide only. They won’t create a column in a google sheet, so a sheet formula won’t work.

Can explain your use case and what you are trying to do?

There are two columns with formulas

Opera Снимок_2021-08-25_170319_go.glideapps.com

I make a duplicate with the active parameter, so that each user later has their own parameters

I move it to the place of the original. And if the first screenshot is taken, the data should be updated in the lines opposite the percentages. But the formulas do not work, everything remains at zero

I guess I’m still having trouble understanding. Column3 has a google sheet formula in it and you are trying to duplicate it with the formula, but keep it user specific? That’s not how that works. A google sheet formula needs to calculate in a google sheet. Google sheets do not understand user specific columns. They are special to Glide only. You can store a value in a user specific column and have a math column or some combination of other columns that will use that user specific value, but a google sheet will never see it or be aware of anything that is user specific. That’s why I’m trying to understand your use case. I think you are trying to do something that just isn’t possible and not how Glide works.


Thank you, I understand. I will try to change the Google tables

What does your formula do? Maybe we can get that same functionality with glide columns that will be user specific so you don’t have to try to figure it out in a google sheet.

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A marked field for editing, its value is changed in the application. Further, if the value is less than or equal to 50000, then in the field opposite 50%, the full 50000 is set. If the value is > 50000. Then it begins to scatter along the lower lines, according to the specified percentages.

In column 4, these values are multiplied by 60
Sample Google Table
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if edited = 50000
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First of all, your entry value will need it’s own column.
That column should be user specific. Then you can create a single value column, which will take that edited value and populate it on all lines. Then you can create some Math columns and maybe some IF columns that will help determine how much of the value will populate into each percentage bucket. I don’t know what your formula looks like, so I can’t advise on how to set it up exactly, but that’s the basic idea.

Doing that would allow each user to run calculations without interfering with other users and results would update in real time as they type without waiting for the google sheet to resync the calculated values to the app.