Duplicate form and change source

Hello Team,

I have a complicated form in multiple languages. I have built it in English and want to duplicate it in French too.

I prefer duplicating and editing (over re-creating) as there are many fields, and I want to be sure everything is the same (more languages coming soon).

There is a common sheet for submissions, but different sheets for the questions and notes along the form (one for French, one for English and one with all (we did this on purpose)).

I realized that I want to be able to duplicate the form and just change the fields the form is getting its input from, but:

  • once I duplicate the tab (that contains the form) and change the source everything collapses
  • once I duplicate the button (that leads to the form) then I cannot change the source for the input of the form

Is there anyone that has built something similar?

Thanks a lot!

But I think you do have the same questions, right? How many components do you have to set up here?


But I’d prefer to scale the app with duplicating instead of having the risk of not re-creating it properly.

I’m already working it this way, but I was wondering if there is anything better we could do.

If your users are signed in one thing you could try is to put every piece of text (and every translation) in your user profile table and then use an if-then-else column to rule them all. Finally use that User Profile>if-then-else column as the source for your apps text.

…there’s probably a better way if @Uzo would like to share :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It is showcased in my App:

Hi Uzo,

Thanks for sharing this.

Are you talking about the setup with the languages through the users’ profiles?

Btw, was this made in Glide?

Yes, this is Glide Page… it combines translation tricks I developed and perfected over a few months; I am currently working on a Template that will be available in my Template Market soon…
Here you can see and test it:

You have done some amazing work there.

Have you found a way to duplicate forms or their sources to avoid the challenge I mentioned above?

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I do not have to duplicate anything to change the language. The text used in the app is translated and switched according to the user’s device or if the user manually changes it.

Yes, I got how you have built that part. Have done something similar in another app.

I was trying to set up static forms by duplicating the format that I had prepared in the 1st one (source or component within Glide).

Thanks for your help. I will consider restructuring it a bit.

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You can use the copy all elements function… or hide some elements, maybe I did not understand your question.

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Kudos to the Glide Team for understanding our pain points.

I never realized this option existed.

Is there any way to follow up with such product updates?

Uzo, I’m very thankful!

They always send emails, or there is a tooltip over the ? icon in editor… when the new update is available.
The ones I mentioned, are very old, so you might miss them.