Changing source/destination of submit form (without losing hours rephrasing😊

I have created a submit form with over 40 fields to submit. In a new setup now I want to the data to be written to another (airtable)base than the original that was planned. however when inside the form container I change the base, all the structure of my questions is lost. Is there a way to switch bases, without losing the formulated questions? in video lay out my problem looks like: Compartir pantalla - 2023-10-09 14_18_21.mp4 - Google Drive

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Hi @Lennart_Kooy ,

Thanks for the video and the explanation. As far as I understood, I see the following workaround.

  1. Create a table with all the elements that you normally type in manually to your form container. Like that you can always switch to this table and the form container will automatically assume the values from this table.

  2. If you need the values in another table that is not shown in the destination, you can use the glide “actions”. The way you use it is that you will add a new row to a specific table whenever a new row is added to your forms table.

For example: You create the form table as in 1), then you creaet an action so that every time somebody fills this form (thus adding a row to the table 1) it automatically adds a row with the same values to the table 2 (or however you wanna call it).

It’s how @Robert_Petitto does it with the public profiles:

Hope that helps.

Tnx so much, the thing is, we are using the forms quite massively meaning that -how I see it- your solution w actions and/or 'shadow’tables will multiply the update records… so preferably this should only be the ultimate solution I guess as the survey have to go beyond 100K one day

You can copy and paste components.

I would suggest right clicking on your components and select ‘Copy All’. Then you can either change the source in the existing form container and delete the components you don’t want or add a second form container, and then paste the components you copied. That should give you all of the same components you copied, but you may need to go through and confirm that each one is pointing to the correct column and that any filters or visibility conditions are using the correct columns.

On second thought, I’m not sure how well that would work, but I would at least try it. I say that only because you are using a form container on an existing screen instead of a separate form screen. Worst case you would have to copy and paste each component individually.

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