Cloning an app and using a new Airtable base as the source

I’m at the stage of needing to clone my app for other projects.

And I’m struggling to find a process in that I can clone my app, and select a new airtable base as the source for the data.

I can’t seem to find any guides online or option to change the airtable base for the data tables.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

I’m not too familiar with Airtable, I assume a “base” is like a Google Spreadsheet. What you want to do here is clone your app and connect to a new “base” in the same Airtable account?

Yes that’s correct, an Airtable base is a sheet essentially.
And each base contains it’s own tables which are used inside my Glide app.

So I want to clone the app and then connect it to a new airtable base in the same account.

Being able to relink a database table to a new source in airtable would be ideal.

I’ve heard it’s possible to change data source easily with Google Sheets, so I’m hoping to do the same with Airtable.


@Robert_Petitto @SantiagoPerez can you help Shane with this case about Airtable? Thanks a lot!

Oof. Not sure if this is possible. I’ll need to do some testing. I imagine cloning the app and selecting “duplicate table” does NOT create a new AT base?

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Hi @Robert_Petitto

No when you select duplicate table it just creates Glide versions of the database tables.

Which as a result stops the new app accepting new data, as all the data will be fed into Airtable.

I assume this is by design – the exact same thing happens when using Excel for your tables.

Ya…that’s what I assumed would happen. I don’t think there’s a good solution here :confused:

I was worried that was the case and it really throws a spanner in the works as I have planned to roll this app out to 50+ clients. :see_no_evil:

Did you find a solution to this @shane90?

Hi @ryanaspire

Afraid it’s not good news, in the end I went with Google Sheets.

I couldn’t find a solution myself that worked with cloning and Airtable.

However the experience of using Sheets and cloning apps is seamless.