Change Base Table

Good evening,

I have an events BASE table which I need to duplicate for 6 events in the year. I have a glide app which uses e.g. EVENTS_202303. How do I change the App to use a new base table e.g. change from table EVENTS_202303 to EVENTS_202305? I can’t delete the content of EVENTS_202303 as user community will need access to data in EVENTS_202303 for another 4-6 weeks.

The base table source is AIRTABLE.

Thank you

I’m not familiar with Airtable, but is there a way you can pre-connect all tables before hand? Or you can only connect to 1 “base” at once?

You connect to the BASE table - AIR TABLE works smiliar to XLS. The XLS Document is the base table and each tab is a table.

If you look at the image below - the blue outline is the base table and the red outlines as tables in Glide. Thus you select the base (Competition 202303) and all the tabs then appear as tables in the app.

This is the view in the glide app.

I tagged a support person on your other thread. Hopefully he can shine some light on the situation to help you connect to another base. Thanks for the information!