How to use multiple Airtable bases in one app?

I have the same question that @arjuns asked, here: Connecting multiple airtable bases

I have a Glide app that currently uses Airtable Base 1.

I want to pull in several tables from Base 2, and also several tables from Base 3, and be able to leverage all of them to use in one single Glide app.

How can this be done?

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I think this might not be possible, but do you have any insights @Robert_Petitto @Connor_Finlayson ?

I know you can import tables from different bases. I havent used it in a practical way though. Let me know how it goes @Jordan_Dayton

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If you were airtable, plan allows it, you can use sync tables to join more than one base into a singular base. The only problem is that this table is read only so you wouldn’t be able to add data directly to this table from your glide app.


Ahhhh yes! I figured this would be the case. This is what I was thinking of doing, but I didn’t want to clutter up the main database that the app uses.

And if that’s true, I think the higher Airtable plans do also allow you to WRITE data to a synced table… so if that is the case, then I presume that Glide would allow data to be written to the synced table, which would then update the Airtable Base 2 and Base 3 (from my example above).

Only one way to find out!