Glide to Airtable Base Syncing only a few tables

Hello Fellow Gliders

I’m new the community and enjoying glide.

How do you sync only a few tables from an Airtable Base doing a Sync?

I’m Syncing a large data set but Glide seems to crash during the sync and ask me to reload.

Any help or references on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Is there a way to partially sync @Robert_Petitto ? I guess not?

Only way to do that would be to create a linked base that only brings in some of the tables from the other base(s).

Only problem with this solution is that it would be read o ly because you can’t write back to a synced base.

…it would be superb if Glide ever allowed you to only bring in an AT view rather than the entire base.

Wouldn’t that also be read only by definition?

Or can AirTables views be written to?

No, you can write to a view.

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