Airtable sync by VIEW!

It would be awesome if Guide would allow Airtable data source to be synced by “VIEW”. This should speed up the apps/pages along with Glide’s data editor as you can limit the data (rows/records & columns) being synced.

Example - I am on the Airtable PRO plan and have a base that has several thousand rows/records (~25k) and hundreds of colums (~250). Most of the colums are computed for internal use and really not needed for our front end. If could limit the amount of rows/records synced to Glide (~3,000) and colums (~25), correct me if I am wrong, it would make my apps/pages perform better.
Maybe I am overlooking something on why it won’t work?

I just started using Glide (Pro plan), playing with my current bases and testing the limits, but I keep getting the “Oh Sheet!” error on the Pages Builder. I understand my base is probably more complex than it really should/needs be and I can do some trimming, but would be nice to limit data synced to Gide vs modifing my entire base :slight_smile:

Technically, this might be possible. I can also imagine, however, reasons why it might not.

In Airtable, isn’t a view:

  • either just a different way of displaying the same data. For instance, dates can be displayed in a table, a calendar or a Gantt chart.
  • or a filtered version of the data (all the data is still there, but some of it is filtered out of view)?

In Airtable a view is a filtered version of the data (all the data is still there, but some of it is filtered out of view). However, with the Airtable API you can specify to retrieve ONLY the data in a specific a specific view (rows/ aka:records AND columns) and not loading the entire base.


For this, could you creat a new Airtable table, and then fill it with only the records you want in it for Glide using some sort of logic to avoid having it filled with the wrong/unwanted records?