Can I add a new Airtable table to my source?

Is it possible to add new tables that I created in Airtable to my source?

I have no experience with Airtable. I read the docs for its Glide integration and it seems like Glide allows you to select a specific base for each app.

I assume a base contains multiple tables. When you add a new table in a base that you have connected to an app, does that table not get synced to your app?

If not, I would expect a mechanism to refresh your base :thinking:

No, it doesn’t appear to get added! I will explore further!

Do you have headings in the new table? That’s a thing with google sheets. If you don’t at least have headings in your new table, then Glide will not sync it. Not sure if that’s even a possible scenario with Airtable though.