Duplicate app - Glide tables only duplicate 10 rows

When duplicating an app then only 10 rows in Glide tables are copied?
Is this expected behavior?

The Google sheet is copied to a new sheet - and all rows are kept (thousands)

I’m doing a DEV app of the PROD version - and would like to do some changes - and then eventually bring the DEV app to Prod?

@glide I cannot see that it is possible to import more than 10 rows - so this doesn’t seem to work

Alright, the issue might be that the app has all to many rows and actually not rows from google sheets are loaded into Glide. Thought is was possible to do a DEV version version with all records (just in the builder) - but would not be able to publish the app with above 500 rows.

This would be quite nice. Sometimes when doing development, I’d like access to some of the ‘advanced’ features that the App will eventually need, but not have to pay for the upsell during development – which can take months to fully flesh out a nice app.

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