Downgraded app remains Pro

App url :

Hey Glide team,

I have downgraded a pro apps 1 month ago. And I’ve noticed few minutes ago that this app can still be accessed using its custom domain, and it also still have the background image in the sign in screen, even if this feature appears as “locked” in the app builder screen, see below.

So… You can break the custom domain on your side if needed, and I think some areas of pro apps have to be cleaned up when downgrading from pro to free.

There’s also an impact on public apps in orgs, I guess, no ? If I downgrade the 2 apps I have to downgrade, I would need to get them unavailable from their custom domain names, to avoid paying for “internal users” as long as we still can not move apps from orgs. Is the only way for me really to delete these apps ? No way to get a copy anywhere else in my app dashboard, out of this org I made the error to create in March?


Just to show you, the google sign in and the customized sign in text are no more there in live, but the sign in background and image are still there.

Good thing you started this bug. It also happens when creating a copy of a paid app.
@david @Mark

Internal app user counting has nothing to do with custom domains, and I assume your internal apps are not public?

We’ll fix the apps-remain-pro bug. Thanks for letting us know!

The 2 apps in the orgs were public apps, my covid apps. But now deleted.