Activate & Deactivate Pro subscription

Hi gliders.

This is possibly for support.

I just want to find out, if I cancel my Pro subscription for an App, do I get the credit for the remainder of the month pro rated back or it stays as credit. I am on a monthly subscription for some of my Apps.

Here is why this is important to me.
When I launch an App, I want customised domain so that my clients still think I have super powers (Not knowing how easy it is to use glide).

Once I have built an App I want to be able to promote it (pitch) to a client, then if the client does not end up paying for the App, I can use the remainder of my credit to promote another App.

I have 5 Apps that I have created in just the 3 months of using Glide and I want to avoid having to pay for pro for all of them without reaching the necessary traction in terms of users.
Maybe this is something that glide can look at where we as creators can have the option to purchase custom domain at a reduced fee just so you are able to promote your App without clients knowing that you used glide and therefore they can just by pass you and do it for themselves.

I buy pro mostly for the custom domain. It’s important to me…


Yes, I believe Glide does prorate if you downgrade an app from pro to free. I believe they give you credit back into your glide account to use for another app.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager for that information. It helps to know.

I just went to the billing section and I saw the “credit” section under there.

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