About Premium Pro app Plans

I am currently Using Basic plan (Free) account, i would like to switch to Pro app. but I have a question before i make the purchase.
let me put it in a scenario. if i buy pro app and make an app for my client, later after 2 months , if i fail to make the payment for glide app subscription. Will my client app would turn to basic free plan ? i know normally it doesn’t work like that, but i am making sure my clients app are premium through out, even if i die.

it will turn to a free app, and you will loose all pro features

Thanks for the quick response.
So the app i made for my clients will switch to free basic plan, and the custom domain will also turn to glide app, isnt it ??..
that means i have to make payment every month in order to stay my client’s app premium.

yes, you gotta pay every month, otherwise your app is downgraded.

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