Downgrade/Upgrade App

We’ve recently upgraded one of our Apps from Basic to Pro. We have 2 older versions on Basic which we wish to downgrade. However, before we do that we wanted to know the following:

  1. Will we loose screens/components on screen? We had experienced that before we upgraded to Basic (from free).
  2. If we do loose screens/components due to downgrade to free. If/when we need this ver. will we be able to retrieve those by an upgrade back to Basic?

You should not lose components or screens based on being Free/Basic/Pro unless it’s a webview component in a builder environment versus the real app (Pro feature).

If you can reproduce that and give us a video then it would be great.

Otherwise, only thing you would lose in my opinion is the amount of data being displayed, if you have surpassed 500 rows.

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