Double filter in inline list

Hi guys.
In my app, I have filtered by owner the list of restaurants.
So when the user logs in, he can see his own restaurants.

Now, when he clicks Restaurant 1, I want to create an inline list with the types of menu of ONLY restaurant 1.

However, I keep getting all lunch items for all restaurants, instead of just getting the lunch item for restaurant 1

So, I think I need a double filter. First filter is by restaurant, and second filter is by menu type.
Is there a way of achieving this?
Thanks as usual,

I would create templates that join the restaurant name and the Menu Type together. Do this in both sheets that you want to create the relation. Now use the template columns to create the relation column.

So, for example, you will have columns with values like “Restaurant 1 - Lunch” and “Restaurant 2 - Dinner”