Does "Unlinking" a table protect it for security purposes?

Hi, we are using Airtable and have a variety of sheets in our airtable base. This base is synced with Glide. There is a sheet within our airtable base that I have “unlinked” from Glide by right clicking on the Glide data page and pressing unlink.

Does this mean that this airtable sheet is secure and not accessible by Glide? The remaining sheets are on Glide, but do not need to be secure.


Glide unlink

I assume this is the case, but maybe @Robert_Petitto has a clearer view of this.

I’ve never before seen that Unlink feature! I would assume you’re correct. @Mark ?

Unlinking just removes that table from that specific app. The table is still kept in Glide and can be re-linked to that or other apps.


So if an Airtable table is unlinked is it able to be accessed when inspecting an app? Or is the data “hidden” from users as its not active in glide?

Basically we have an airtable automation that runs in the background between the two airtable tables - one table accessible by glide, the other unlinked from glide.

If it’s not referenced in any way by the Glide App (and it can’t be if it’s unlinked), then none of the data in the table (or the table itself) will be accessible (or discoverable) by client devices.


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