Unlink vs Delete

In the Data Editor - what is the difference between ‘Unlink’ a table and ‘Delete’ a table? I created a new App using Duplicate/Copy the Sheet and I do not need certain tables in the Duplicate.

I assume “Unlink” removes this connection from my App. If I 'Delete" this table what is the difference? Saving some rows??


If you unlink a table, it still exists and you can reconnect it to the same app or another app. If you delete a table, then it’s gone forever.

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Jeff - if I delete a table can’t I always get back the table back by linking to it via the originating App since it exists in another Glide app? But at this time it is a shared table and not a unique version as it was before I deleted it. Can I bring in a unique version of a table (copy it into the App versus linking to another live table/App)?

It seems unlinking is the safer route…can you prune/delete linked tables later?

Doing clean-up on some Apps and want to understand before I start pruning the deprecated data.

If you duplicate an app as well as duplicate the data, then it’s a separate table, meaning you would have two separate copies of the same table. If you duplicate an app but keep the datat, then it’s a single table that’s shared and kept in sync between both apps.

If you delete a duplicated table, then yes you still have the original table.

If you attempt to delete a table shared across multiple apps, it shouldn’t let you because it would break the original app.

It’s like files on your computer. If you copy a file, then you have two copies. If you delete one or both of them then the ones that are deleted are gone for ever.

Delete means exactly that. Make it go away forever. Unlink simply means it’s still there but not connected.

Duplicate the table within the first app. Then go to the second app and link to that duplicate table.

My process when cleaning things up is to first go into the app in the builder and delete every table. After that I delete the app. If a table is used elsewhere, you should get a warning and not be allowed to delete the table until it is unlinked from all associated apps.


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