Airtable syncing

My glide project is synced with an Airtable Base.

How do i hide columns in the glide data editor? When I try to delete a column it says:

How do I select which Airtable field the glide project is based on?

You could just not use the columns for anything, but if you want that data inside that column to be protected then you can set the column as Protected, which protects the data inside that column. You can’t just make the column go away without actually deleting the column. Data and columns are kept in sync between glide and airtable.

Another option is to rearrange the columns in the table or change the column width so it’s less noticable. Or you could group those unused columns together and collapse the entire group.

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How do I collapse a group?

Is there a way to select which view gets pulled from Airtable?