Display all notes relating to an item

Is it possible for us to display the notes relating to a particular item, as submitted by all users? I’m trying to hack a review site :slight_smile:

OR display the form responses submitted by all app users?

@mslaney which website?

@skippysensei just add a tab, or an inline list, or a button (linking to sheet) pointing to the sheet containing the form responses.

Hey @mslaney. Glide doesn’t have a native reviews feature (yet). But you could do something which approximates it using the forms feature. The video below is a quick explanation of this.

In the form, you could add a choice component which had five options made up of the :star: emoji:

  • :star:
  • :star::star:
  • :star::star::star:
  • :star::star::star::star:
  • :star::star::star::star::star:

Users could leave a review in text and then choose one of those options. This would then get written to your sheet and you could then present that sheet somewhere else in your app.

After that though, depending on your app’s design - you might want to display relevant reviews under each item - in which you’d need an inline list which pulled only reviews related to that item. Happy to discuss further - but essentially it’s possible.

Thanks so much - super helpful. Nearly there I think, but when I’m trying to use a relation column to show only reviews for a particular “item”, the Values field in the Inline List shows that the sheet doesn’t have a Relation column - but I have added one in. https://angelfish.glideapp.io

When you submit a review, it looks like you are including the Angel’s name in the form submission, which is good. So, do you have the relation set up in the Angels sheet that links the name to the name in the Review Response sheet? If so, do you possibly have the reference name matching the name of an existing column? I would think that it should work, but it’s hard to say without seeing screenshots.

Appears request is filled, topic archived.