My first Page (feels like starting all over again, help needed ;-) )

OK I found a use to build my first page.
I have a sheet with for example columns for Review 1, Review 2, Review 3 and FAQ 1, FAQ 2 and FAQ3. I have a container for the reviews where I want a grid for the 3 reviews and a container for the FAQs where I want a grid for the 3 FAQs plus answers. But … I only get 2 for both. I must overlook something, but where / how can I make all 3 visible in a grid?

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Hey @erwblo I’m not 100% certain what you need but I find the “Big Numbers” component quite useful in scenarios like this. Here’s what it might look like in your case:



Ah, that looks like it! Thanks!

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Or a Collection in Grid layout with no images:


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It looks like you have your collections set up correctly. Did you make sure there isn’t a limit placed on them?

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I had it limited to 3, but even when I remove that I only see 2.

Do you have your testimonials in the same sheet as the rest of the info?

I have all info on 1 business idea in one sheet. So Benefits, Reviews and FAQs
Like this:

CleanShot 2022-01-03 at 19.25.05@2x

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That’s what I have, but it only shows 2 of the 3 Reviews, Benefits and FAQs.
I have Review 1, Review 2, Review 3 / Benefit 1, Benefit 2, Benefit 3 / Faq 1, Faq 2, Faq 3 all in one and the shame sheet. Should it be that way?

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Ah. No. They belong in a different sheet. If you want your current setup, the “Fields” or “Big Numbers” components work best.

But why would the first two work fine and the third not? Any logic in there?

So you would make a sheet called idea and other sheets called reviews and faq and then make relations and view the various lists?


Are those “working” reviews from the same line or are they from different rows? My guess is you have two rows and it’s displaying the first review from each row.

Ah, now I see, I got confused because in one of the examples they fitted both.
I see now! Thanks, Robert!

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I know I’m doing it wrong, will split one sheet up in 4 sheets and make relations between the sheets and then show the lists. Maybe that’s what I mean with stuff that could be simpler :wink:

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Ya, I’ve found Glide works best when you make relations between different tables. Jack recently did a video that explains this concept (Things in Things | Glide Tips). This is the approach I use with Clients as well so I know what they’re envisioning.

eg. app users have projects. App users have clients. Clients have more than one project. Projects have tasks. Projects have categories. Tasks have reviews.

Now I know I need to create these tables:

  1. users
  2. projects
  3. clients
  4. tasks
  5. categories
  6. reviews

Hi @Robert_Petitto , I have relations, see image below:

But when I want to add a collection to a page, Glide says ‘The onepager sheet doesn’t have a relation column’.

CleanShot 2022-01-04 at 16.11.55@2x

I can only choose the Google Sheet where the relations are always in Glide Sheet.

Like always it will be something simple I do wrong, would you have an idea?

Is it a single or a multiple relation?

Right. A Glide Page “Collection” is the same thing as a Glide App “Inline List”. These components can display an entire table or a multiple relation.

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Multiple, necessary to show 3 of the list

A single relation will only return one row. A multiple relation can return multiple rows. And as a result, a lookup against a single relation will return a single value column. A lookup against a multiple relation will return an array of values. Single Values can only fit in components that accept single values. Arrays can only fit in components that accept arrays.

Your relation looks to be a single relation since it only shows one match. I can only assume that your lookup columns are pulling back arrays, but from a single row???

Arrays in a single row work differently from arrays based on rows.


It is a single relation, you are right, but that is all I need to lookup the 3 Benefits and Reviews and FAQs.

I think the point Robert was getting at is that your benefits and faq should be split into separate rows in the separate table. Just like an inline, you are trying to show multiple rows of data from a one-to-many relationship. Sounds like you are trying to create a one-to-one relationship, which is no different from your prior setup.

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