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This is probably one of the most common patterns in Apps & Pages and yet it’s a little tricky to get your head around when you’re new to Glide. So we thought we’d do a short video, summarising the basics:


Why did Thing 1 and Thing 2 cancel their gym memberships?

Things weren’t working out. :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi, Jack 🙋 Thks for this new tutorial. Lots of work. Must be stressful :slightly_smiling_face:

I need help to understand the following impacts:

  1. You say app & pages interchangeably, as though the UI is exactly the same: If I were more newbie than I am, I would have thought you’re in the App UI, not the Pages UI (I end up noticing “Pages” on top left corner). Of course it’s obvious for Experts, but for real newbies the slightest difference (especially in Releases) hinders the experience. Why don’t you say immediately that it’s a Pages UI? Provided People know the existence of Pages. Does it appear in Description?

  2. In your Thing form, I think it would be more understandable to title it “Thing Name”, instead of “Name”, as just below “Group 1”, we don’t really consider it belongs to Group 1, but that’s the Group 1 “subname” (true in a way)

  3. But that’s not fundamental, the “thing” is: don’t you think it could be a bit too abstract for Newbies or even any customer? A Dev can have as much imagination as you want to transpose into whatever use case. But a “lambda-user”? IMHO and from my POV, I think that when you give too many choices to a customer, s.he can be completely lost, undecided, and will lose some time before choosing “something”. And you seem to doubt about what you’re talking about, as though you dismiss everything on the go. If you doubt, how are we supposed to feel? You speak faster, as if you wanted to get rid of it, because of the video’s length. But, would’nt it be easier to directly focus the storytelling on the use case Project + Tasks, and you have all the time you need to decompose smoothly? In half or 1/3 of the video’s time?
    How about sticking to 1 storytelling, not N? To let the user the impression s.he gets a happy ending with takeways?

  4. Your video inspires me sth very simple and “seasoning” examples like GIFTS.
    Group & Things would be:

Groups: X’Mas, Birthday, Valentine, Onboarding, Easter, Retirement, etc
Things would be grouped Gifts : Teddy Bear, Chocolate, Golf Club, Champagne, Tickets, etc.
and each Gift is defined by total participants (to contribute to a common gift), deadline, total amount required, time to deadline, etc. (so: text, date/time, numbers, easy to visualise and associate to relevant Group).

Easy enough to understand and relate to. Private & Pro. The Names are easier to understand if they are specific enough instead of generic, IMHO & from my POV.
And that does not prevent Experts from extrapolating to anything they come up with.

Hope that can be useful, Jack. And understandable.

Yes I could be clearer about whether it’s an app or page at the start.

It’s not meant for complete newbies. I explain that people should cover a few fundamental topics before diving in — row ids, relations etc…

Could you rephrase No. 3 more concisely? :wink: I’m not following.

Phew! :sweat_smile:

Indeed, but, confusing with the initial objectives, so your target audience looks “blurry-foggy”. You’re targeting “False Newbies” ie in Glide Pages, not in Glide?
You can announce the prerequisites upfront, displayed on screen. But I’m no Youtube strategist (the video watching retention before bounce)

I was really considering stop watching the video before you illustrate w/ Project & Tasks, so, I’d rather you:
1/Use directly the Project & Tasks use case, but write down exact Project & Task Names, rather than Task 1, Task 2.
2/Stick to this Project & Tasks example till the end, and believe in it, don’t dismiss. Or find another more captivating use case.
3/Pitch your Story: Pb/Solution till Happy Ending & a Valuable Result for watchers

Sorry if I can’t reply before days.


Yea - I’ve done that before. It’s a good idea.

Sure. Good to know. Thanks for the feedback.


This tips really will help full to me to understand the 1. features of Relation type of field, 2. the way of displaying group wise items.

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