Direct CashApp or PayPal Integration for your custom cart

Any plans for Venmo to be added ?

Yes! Hope to add it by next weekend.

Hey @Lisa this is all really interesting but I have a few questions.

My app is a peer to peer sales app and I saw your suggestion to add relation columns for users and listings so that makes sense. Is there a way to create a block so that if someone has items from more than one user in their cart it triggers a separate check out for each user or “vendor”?

I’m also wondering that since this isn’t actually an integration, how is Glide clocking the amounts moving through the app in order to charge their transaction fee listed in the different price tiers? And if PayPal isn’t requiring an account verification in order to set this up, what is the liability for the app owner if something goes wrong?

I’m stoked on the possibilities for linking to an external check out but with the potential issues I’m seeing, I would be hesitant to bring it to my greater audience. What are your thoughts? Thanks!


This is EXACTLY what I am looking to do. The video would be very appreciated. Thanks girl GREAT JOB!

I’m late to the party :upside_down_face:

For the separate carts per vendor, I believe it could be done, but it probably wouldn’t be the best experience. I’m envisioning an inline list grouped by vendor where when you click on the total for the vendor it takes you to a custom screen to checkout with the preferred payment method.

Because the PayPal link is separate from Glide, there is no transaction fee associated with Glide. Only with the pay with Stripe feature that is native to Glide. For the link, users must be signed in to submit payment, so the accounts on both ends would already be verified.

Hope this helps!