Direct camera/mic access on mobile?

Looks like you use JS/JSON to build the app(maybe?) so I was wondering if this JS approach to direct, permitted cam/mic access might be a way to include it?

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Could you tell us what your specific use case is?

I did a quick PWA vs Native pros/con for a client on a V1 consumer app (we are going PWA),
and it seems support for using camera in an IOS PWA app saved/launched from home screen is not supported well.


I think there are almost too many to list, the common feature being removing the step of taking a picture outside the app before selecting it for upload.
The recent FInstagram tutorial would be one example.

Likewise, the ability to capture cam and sound could make WebRTC P2P video chat possible.

I believe the methods reviewed in this article work on iOS and Android phones.

There may be some browser limits until safari 11 for iOS is more ubiquitous but browser detection would allow a user notification that their browser (If older Safari) doesn’t support this feature … and suggest an upgrade or switch to Chrome.

I don’t know about IOS, but on Android I am able to choose, from the image picker, if I want to pick an existing picture, or take a new picture. If I take a new picture, it is automatically sent back into the app and uploaded. It’s pretty seamless for me.

iPhone is different

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No big surprise that Apple doesn’t open up a lot of these features for “generic” apps. They notoriously, whether for monetary reasons or security ones, force developers to jump through hoops to get access to lower level functions of their devices.

iOS lets me choose “Take photo” in the Image Picker. Does that not work for you?

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I was asking what your specific use case is, not what potential use cases could be. Are you working on an app right now that needs one of these features?

Ahhh…I was checking the app only on the desktop so didn’t get the camera picker option.
It works fine on iOS and Android for me.

As for the video recording and WebRTC video chat app usecase, it would be helpful for a remote caching app I’m working on.

In the meantime, I’ve incorporated a user-specific jitsi meet invitation button which works fine.

Would be nice to keep it all within the glideapp, tho.