Image picker does not show camera option in Chrome android

Hi glide community, My app has “Image Picker” functionality with upload from “Camera and Photo Roll” option selected. It works perfectly in Safari iPhone, i.e. when image picker button is clicked , it shows two options “Photo library” & “Take photo” , this options opens camera app & hence works as intended. But when I use chrome android, it only shows choose from gallery option & no use camera option is shown.
Anyone from community or dev team, please help me.


Have you ever restricted it on your chrome or device? Try looking at your browser’s privacy and security settings.

No, I think it seems to be Chrome issue. I further found following stalk overflow page: Chrome on Android 14 does not show the option to open the camera when uploading an image - Stack Overflow

Here’s the solution from it:
We have basically the same problem. It occurs without any framework - just plain html:

A) <input type="file" accept="image/*"> will give access to image files only without the option to capture from camera.

B) <input type="file" accept="image/*,text/plain"> DOES give the option to capture from camera, at the same time allows to select ANY file type.

I checked application in chrome desktop & upon inspecting pick photo element I get, it shows option A:
<input type="file" accept="image/*" aria-label="pick an image">

Which needs to be option B. Dev team please look into this.


I can confirm this issue is occurring on Android 14 devices where no camera option shows up. Android 13 devices are working correctly.

Having the ability to take a photo (User Profile) when the need to upload images in the app is a necessary function. Hope this is resolved soon.

UPDATE: This appears to be a Chrome ONLY issue in Android 14 that Google needs to permanently fix.