Different data edit buttons in multiple pages linked to a single table, is that possible?

I’m Korean, so I’m not good at English, so please forgive me.
I was introduced to Airtable, and came here while looking for an extension for the Front End.

First of all, Glideapp is awesome. Kudos to the developers.
I am testing to implement the same through Glideapp based on the sites I have developed previously.

Let me ask you a few questions here.

I have created multiple pages that link with the same table.
Each page has Add and Edit buttons.

Clicking the Add button will take you to a separate Add Information form, and clicking Submit on that form will bring you back to the original page.

  1. If you enter the information to be added in the form and submit it, it returns to the original page, but the added information is updated in the list of the page later. Any tips on how to quickly update?

  2. In relation to the above, I tried to apply the Edit button and Form, but it seems impossible to apply Form to the editing function. It may be possible to edit this item by selecting it, but in this case, it is impossible to implement a separate Edit page or popup because the multipages I am making are all linked to one table. It would be nice to be able to use the data editing function using the form, but is it difficult to update?

I was wondering if anyone had the same problem as me or solved it.

That is a known issue with Airtable, its syncing time has been reported as a problem.

You should only use the Edit screen for editing purposes. Why do you need a Form screen for editing?

Thank you very much for your reply.

It can be a bit complicated to explain in words, but here’s a quick summary:

A table in which the history of one work procedure is stored step by step.

Editable permission groups are determined for each work procedure, and each group has only the right to edit specific data fields.

So each permission group has a separate accessible page, and the editable fields are set per group, so you need each edit page or popup to control it.

In relation to this part, I initially wanted to apply the page edit pop-up as it is, but after further modifying the edit pop-up of other pages linked in the same table, I found out that it is the same pop-up.

So I wanted to separate this, so I used a separate Form, so I found out that editing was not possible in a separate Form.

So, as a temporary measure, I am currently applying the ‘data grid’, but I am looking for a better way.

I tested the ‘Data Grid’ on mobile, and it was because I felt that scrolling / entering / editing the data list was a bit inconvenient.

I’ve tried several other Frontend extensions for Airtable, but I think Glideapp is the best of them all.

So I want to find a solution for this part.