Differences in "Placeholder" display by iOS/Safari version - New line display of text


I’ve been looking at past questions and FAQs, but I couldn’t find the answers as far as I searched, so I asked this.

I’m developing a Glide Page and there is a difference in screen display between iOS15 (iOS 15.6.1 , Safari 15.6.1) and iOS16 (iOS16.0 , Safari 16.0). I checked both in Safari with iPhone.

Specifically, I would like to display a new line of text in “Text Entry”> “Design” > “Placeholder.”
On iOS16 devices, the text breaks as intended, but not on iOS15 devices.

Also we have confirmed that these below can be displayed as intended as well as iOS16.

  • Microsoft Edge 107.0.1418.24
  • Google Chrome 106.0.5249.121
  • Firefox 106.0.2

One idea is to announce “iOS 16.0 or higher is recommended” when asking our users to use the page, but if you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know.