Did someone manage to embed moonclerk payment form in glide web view?


I discovered moonclerk payment form that would allow me to create my own shopping cart with much more features and possibilities than the one currently offered in glide.

I would like to embed a moonclerk payment form using web view under a button component but it does not work. This is supposed to be possible as per moonclerk (see link : How do I programmatically pass through an amount, name, or email to a payment form? | MoonClerk Help Center) but cannot manage to do it.

If anyone has ever done that please let me know.



I tried, but wasn’t able to do it.

I ran into the same issue and reached out to Moon Clerk. They showed me how to make it work. Add the following text to the end of the web link they provide you for your checkout form:


I did the above and it now works!

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