Did Edge to Edge images go away?

Hello, I’m fairly new here but I did do some preliminary digging around before asking a question that I’ve seen discussed in other places. I was reading a Glide Doc that’s currently active re: images @

In particular I’m referring to the part that covers Edge-to-Edge settings for images as well as Crop Behavior. Are these things that are on the roadmap and were posted to the site too early? Is this an outdated Doc that is covering features that went away? I’d really like to be able to use these features, I was moving forward with my project under the assumption that these were active features. Please let me know - I’m hoping they’re real!

This is what I see when I try to edit an image component:

It was there with Classic Apps. I have no idea if they plan to migrate those to the new Glide Apps’ image component. The screenshots in there are from Classic Apps.

OK, good to know. I do hope this makes its way back into the fold. Thank you very much for your reply and for all your help around this community! Good luck with all of your building :slight_smile:

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My pleasure to help! Please always feel free to post questions and we’ll try to help.