Where is the overlay options to Cards?

What happened to Glide? I just came back to using Glide, and I’m struggling a bit with the new format. Where are the overlay options for Cards? Is the Tag feature removed?

Is your project an App (formerly Pages) or is it a Classic Apps (formerly Apps).

App. The new version

Where is the 4th option for style under the choice component? Why has glide decided to remove features? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Glide isn’t necessarily removing features. Glide is rapidly adding features to Apps to get them on par with Classic Apps, with the intention of having a migration tool to seamlessly convert Classic Apps to the new Apps. It takes time to rewrite all of that code. That’s why Classic Apps are still available if you choose to build them. But don’t expect to Classic Apps to get any new features. Eventually Apps will be one product.

I would also like to see the segmented choice option added to Apps as it’s a big part of my project navigation.

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Ok. I understand the rewriting of code is time-consuming. However, it is a shame that the overlay features are not available.

If you feel they are needed, you are welcome to create a feature request. I don’t know everything that glide has on their roadmap, but I know they are busy adding a bunch of new features all the time.

In all honesty, as an existing Glide user, there is nothing you can’t do now that you couldn’t do a few months ago. You still have the option to create Classic Apps if that is what you really need.

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