Classic apps

Will the classic apps still be supported ?
Some features are more beautifully displayed in the old apps, like the favorite bar, the map and the switch to the map etc. I know that a similar experience can be created in the new ones, but the UX is different, I really hope those features will also be available in the new Apps … but just for curiosity , and also for taking into consideration the scalability of the app I’m building, I wonder if I can still use the classic ones or should I stick to the new version ?

It’s always been my understanding that classic apps will go away sometime around the end of this year or early next year. Not sure if that’s still the case, but that’s what I’m anticipating.

At some point before then, I believe Glide will have a conversion tool for us to migrate our apps. I don’t know what features Glide has left, or is willing to port over into New Apps, but I assume we will have to make some adjustments as not all Classic App features will have a matching counterpart in New Apps.

Point being, Classic Apps WILL go away at some point. They currently don’t get Glide technical support, and they do not get access to any new features, so I would make an effort or a plan to get away from them instead of waiting until the last minute.


Is support for Classic Apps still due to stop at the end of this year?
Will this mean they will stop working?

It’s still unknown what Glide’s plans are, but I highly doubt they would just cut off Classic Apps like that. I sure they will provide us a plan of action before anything happens. I still would anticipate and think about rebuilding any classic apps yourself before that happens.

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Thanks Jeff,
Yes We’d imagined the same.

We are currently rebuilding a number of apps. Hoping this won’t turn into a race against the clock.

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+1 for the basic classic app design features that were incredible (overlay text on tiles!! plus map, a dark colour scheme actually in black)