"Duplicate App" function turned off without notice

I became a customer at (what in retrospect was) unfortunate timing; Classic apps were still the go-to solution for mobile. Have spent hundreds of hours developing a solution, Classic apps are going to be discontinued. I’ve swallowed that pill and recognise I’ve hundreds of hours in front of me converting one to the other. However, Glide has now switched off the duplicate app function on Classic apps prior to migration and without warning.
This means I cannot back up my classic app and any tweaks have to be done to the live version. I understand the business reasons but surely there could have been some forewarning?
It is standard business practice to forewarn customers of changes that might affect them. Especially when users in some cases are completely dependent on their supplier. In my case, we are a non-profit organisation ineligible for the Glide non-profit subsidy, so having to be on the pro-plan; this is a stretch for us each month and this change is both unhelpful and worrying. What’s next? Further unannounced restrictions will severely affect my application and my users.
Glide wouldn’t be too happy if it’s suppliers did similar.
Glide is a great product but come on guys, please give us fair warning and reinstate this feature with a fair timeframe. And in regard to migration away from Classic Apps, pls assure us we will get sufficient warning, and provide an update on whether we will get the much rumoured conversion tool. Your investors would expect nothing less. Thanks in anticipation.


We are now also a bit dead in the water with our business with this recent, abrupt feature termination. Yes, the migration process will take much longer since there is NO tool to assist with migration from Classic to New apps. We have already started this process as has others, but were very reliant on the Classic app that we built up over the years, and our clients have come to appreciate. Now what do we do?

As a longtime “Grandfathered” Glide client on the Pro Account and awaiting the upgrade to the Business account, we were told that we could continue to not only edit, but “Backup / Duplicate” our Classic apps for now until the solution to migrate was more defined.

Seems like that ability was immediately removed on Friday as we software developers & business owners headed into the weekend. My Event Based app clients who are expecting a version of our app for upcoming events are now left in the cold because we cannot duplicate and re-brand our singular app. There is no way we can scale up the same offering on the new platform.

Is there any chance we could at least have the ability to get that feature back for Classic apps so that we can make a couple of backups of our Classic apps?

Maybe give us a week to do what we need to do to take care of existing builds that were promised. Again, we are NOT creating new Classic apps here, just backing up existing ones that we have perfected over the years in Glide.

Why were we investors NOT given some type of alert that this was happening this past Friday?

The standard answer of Classic Apps not being further developed does not apply here. That has long been understood. But we are now being FORCED to jump ship or lose business while we attempt to piece together something in the new platform, but we ALL know that cannot happen rapidly since there are components and features that are NOT 1 to 1.

Any comments from Glide Leadership would be appreciated on this matter.

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