Why I can't duplicate my APP?

Hi everybody,

For some reason Ia have no option to duplicate my APP. In the menu only have the option to creat another app from same data.

Anybody would help? Here an image:


Thanks for your help in advanced.

Albert Puig

The option was removed back in November as Classic apps have been deprecated for quite a while now.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your quick answer.

Has glide developed a safe migration of classic apps to glide pages already?

I understood glide was working on it a while ago…

Many thanks.

Albert Puig

No there hasn’t been any new development on that as far as I’m aware. At this point I’m not hopeful that they will ever have a conversion tool, but I don’t really know.

I started converting my app by creating a new app from data, which retains all of your computed columns. I’m building the front end from scratch. To be honest, I prefer it this way because it gives me a chance to revisit every aspect of my app and make improvements. Plus, I feel that there are enough differences between classic apps and new apps that I wouldn’t really trust Glide to make a “best guess” conversion.