I have created an online and free database for people with Diabetes to learn about the disease. Its name is Diabetopedia.

We have tried so hard to accelerate the total loading time.

In the beginning, the TLT was 9 seconds or more based in google tests (test my site) using 4G conection.

We reached now 4 seconds converting all pictures to webp and shortening links.

Please, we need more tips to shorten further the TLT and improve the experience.

Thank you

What is loading slowly? Images? Outputs of computed columns?

I can send you the reports of crawlers if you want.

Hola Daniel,

How many rows does you APP have?

Are you using GS or GT to save your data?


Close to 800 rows. The proposal is to be the “wikipedia of diabetes”.

GT or GS?.. I don’t get it, sorry. I am just a doctor trying to educate my patients and relatives, trying to reduce the burden of diabetes in public health in Brazil. Many IT terms I don’t know yet, but I am a “fast learning boy”.

If you are mentioning the Database, the only thing I know is that the database is all organized into a google sheet file and the pictures are URLs based in my Google Drive.

here is the app: https://diabetopedia.app

Thank You for your interest and help,

Daniel Pedral

Sorry Daniel!

GT: Glide Table
GS: Google Sheet

Reading your answer I assume you are using a GS as database (DB).

Let me check your APP to see your problem.


In fact, GS.
Thank You

It loads in 3-4 seconds for me, which is pretty fast in my experience.

I was worried because Google recommends loading times under 2.5 seconds. And 4G connections in Brazil are so heterogeneus. In my city, for example, the total loading time is in an range of 4 or 10 seconds. Many people can give up meanwhile and affect adherence.

Some pictures, cache static content, jason files according reports

712 rows until now to be precise

some reports say “add expires headers”… sorry, my knowledge in html is very basic

in cable connections, the reports are very good

some of the issues reported: Website Speed Test and Website Analysis – Free test | Dareboost

If a man who is affected by diabete is inpatient in a way that is not able to wait 10seconds, then I may say he deserved it. :grinning:
I hope you can solve it, anyway can I ask you if you know the “crude diet” to reduced easily the diabetes?

10 seconds in average.
They won’t wait 10 seconds. In this digital era everyone is impatient. Unfortunately.

Have a look at the following topic.

The recommendations on data still stand. As for images, Glide formats your images to optimize performance but my guess is it cannot hurt if you do your best to optimize as well.


How Can I convert a whole GS to GT? I have tried yesterday, seems difficult to transfer all data


This may give you an idea.

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720 rows… quite laborious for now. Better wait until there.