Device Info

Am i able to collect device info for each visit to the Glide URL rather than specific users. My idea is a log of when the URL is opened for the first time it logs the device info.

Is this possible?

What type of device info do you want? Are those the fields available in the Device Info column type?

I’m thinking if you have an onboarding flow, you can add a row in the Device Info table, utilizing a series of Device Info columns. That’s generally the first time a user logs into your app.

More so which OS is being used IOS/Android and screen sizes so that i can provide more testing for those devices.

The only downside is as there is no users it will be a public app there wont be any onboarding. The one way i was considering was adding a button within the app which allows for the user to press and share info about their device. This way the user can choose if they want to sahre that info or not.

Or you could tie the action to an existing button or list that you know will be pressed.

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Could potentially do that, Thanks for the suggestion.

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