How do I use Device Type?

Hello fellow Gliders.

I am figuring out how the “Get Device Info” integration is working.

I just want to be able to show different stuff depending if the non-logged in user (actually not a user in the usertable but a single customer) is using a mobile device or a PC.

I can get the Device Info from an Action populating a text column in the usertable, but then the user must push that button to reveal the Device Info for this to work.

I also tried the calulated column but it just shows the same data for all users.

How can I use the Device Info to show different stuff depending on the users device, without forcing the push of a button or a login to the page.

Any ideas??

Cheers Måns

Use it as a column to get what you want.
When you view it in the Glide Builder, you see the same in every row because it’s returning the information related to your own browser. In your published App, this information will be different for every user.

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Will try this tomorrow.


Also, make sure you use it in a place you can refer to in the components visibility setup. Since the user is not signed in, you won’t be able to use a user profiles column.

THX for your replies.

I can see now that this works just fine.

I added 2 columns in the table that is used as data source to show the page.
DeviceType and Screenwidth and then I just created a new tab showing these values in two text modules, and then I can clearly see the data from the device I am browsing from.

It is as you say. In the GUI where I build the Glidepage, I will only see data from my desktop I am currently working on.

So no I can setup options to show stuff depending on the device :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

This will be perfect for me, since I am integrating to the mobile payment system (Swish) in Sweden.
If I am on a mobile I can generate a deeplink on a button that opens the swishapp on my phone, but if I am on a Desktop I will generate a QR code that must be scanned by the app in the phone.

This Forum Rocks!

device tab fields
from the layout builder

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It does, and I’m glad to see it helped you :wink:

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