Device Info (Device Type)

I used different laptops, an Android device, and an iPhone to log in, but the information provided by Glide is incorrect. The device type, browser name, and device brand all display the same information, despite logging in from multiple devices and different user accounts.

Why is this information Glide is providing me on Device Info inaccurate?

  1. If you use a computed column, in each row of the column you will see the information for the current user.

  2. If you use an action, you can write the device information per user, more granularly, to a basic column. You would do this for instance in the Users table.

I think the approach you are looking for is approach 2.

I’m quite confused, please give a more detailed explanation to enable me understanding this, or perhaps if there are images or videos you could use as examples that could help

The device info integration can be used in 2 ways to gather device information and populate a table:

  1. Via a computed column in the Data Editor: you configure the device info integration inside the computed column, this is what you did. In this case, device info will be repeated down the entire column from top to bottom, and the device information that is gathered will be the device information of the user looking at the screen.

  2. Via an action you can set up in the Action Editor and that the user will trigger in the Layout Editor. You set up a button component in the Layout Editor, a button click triggers the device info integration, the action writes to a basic text column and to the active row the information gathered.

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This is the important part that @Okoh_Peter is missing. It shows only the info for the user currently using the app, in this case, you, with the device you’re using to view the builder environment.

If your intention is to record each user’s device info separately, then Nathanael’s 2nd method above would work, but I haven’t had a use case like that. I only use those for visibility conditions and I only need the info of the logged in user, not multiple users at once.


I tried the second option @nathanaelb recommended. I submitted a form twice on Glide using my phone, but the device type carried different inputs despite being done on the same phone. Additionally, the device brand, device name, and width fields did not bring out any information.
Here is a screenshot to help you understand

Show us how you are configuring the action. Seems like you have selected to write a unique ID to to Device type column. Not sure why. I want to see what you have chosen to write into each of those columns.