What is the update count for device info integration?

What is the update count for device info integration? Where can I find the update counts for each integration?

I doubt there would be any additional update counts for that particular integration. Device Info is pulling from the user agent on the local device. There is nothing that needs to be executed server side that would use processing power on Glide servers.

I look at it this way… Updates for integrations are more of a ‘unit of measure’ of how much processing is required server side. Some integrations don’t run on the local device, and instead need to run on the server. Any integrations that consume additional updates are not being processed on the user device.

Any integrations that require additional “updates” should have that update count listed.

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My use case is, I want to make sure that my user uses the app on just one device and doesn’t share his login email with other users.

I am matching his current device with last device used and want to create a row everytime a new device is used and notify the admin.

Just want to make sure that there are no update counts for everytime I capture users device info. Are you 100% sure about that?

99% sure. Updates for integrations aren’t an arbitrary number. There’s a good reason why Glide implemented that logic for certain integrations and not for others.

Like I said, any time you attempt to use an integration and it requires additional updates, it will tell you. Device Info doesn’t have any such updates because it’s pulling local information directly from the device (and doesn’t involve any processing on Glide servers). That code runs locally, just like many of the computed columns.



Thanks a lot

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