Updates for integrations

I was really surprised to see integrations counting as updates (not surprised that they count, but that they were being counted in my dashboard), because I have no live Apps that use them, but only have been playing with them in the builder.

I also realized that 25000 seems like a lot until you see 1300 of them used when you only have two users. And I know most of the ‘edits’ would have been tracking menus, etc. (which I reduced when edits first began to be counted).

We really need USC’s that live only on the user’s device and don’t impact the database nor the update count.


adding and editing rows as well as opening the location in google maps count as updates? Is this the case even if you’re using Glide only, without triggering 3rd party software?

Because the integrations call to 3rd party services they need to be counted, even from the builder, as there is typically a cost associated from the 3rd party service for any kind of use.

The updates David mentions are from the Integrations settings for your apps. These are not required to make a Glide app run and if you haven’t built any in there are no update counts from these.

ok, thanks @DarrenHumphries
I was a little concerned because if editing rows in my free app counted as an update, I’d probably have to abandon the project.

I would have liked to move forward from the classic (legacy) app but I’m seeing that opening addresses would count as an update in the newer apps.

Where do you see this? I would be surprised if it’s the case.

I was testing whether I could generate a similar app (non-classic) and saw this…

That’s not the native map integration. The native map integration uses Mapbox, and users clicking on pins won’t cost you updates.

oohh, well I’ll look into that! Thanks a mil @ThinhDinh

is there a native calendar integration as well?

Yes, there’s a calendar component.

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ok great!