Custom screen per device

Hi guys,
Is there any way we can tell which device the user logged in from (mobile, tablet, desktop)?
I would like to use visible conditions and display a different design for each device.
for example:

I would like to use different CSS here:

maybe in the table App: Logins we can get a field “device”?

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you can use YC column to get device info



I mean what is it?

Yes Code column (Experimental Column)

looking for a no code solution…
I am very basic in my coding knowledge.
is there a prepared function I could copy?

there is no No Code solution for now

That looks helpful but the like isn’t working

i made a sample for you… it will detect if you are on mobile or desktop

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That’s grate!
How can I see it in the builder?

use the YC I gave you

Unfortunately that’s beyond my coding skills.
Hope Glide will provide a no code solution.

is all there, just use that link in the experimental column and it will give you all the info… then add the IF ELSE column to get boolean if is MOBILE or DESKTOP


ohh I see now:
Thank you!!

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