Agent for information

When troubleshooting a user, it can be helpful to know their system configuration.


Link for YC


Does this mean you can theoretically display something on an OS and another one on a different OS?

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I’d like to test this one, could you provide the forking link please?

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The agent returns the customer information.
I did a test on my laptop and got feedback from my device and the operating system.

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I mean does this system agent provide information about whether they’re on mobile/desktop, iOS/MacOS/Android? If so, can we use visibility conditions based on this to display different things to different OS?

I think so
you just have to make a selection. it may not be easy (I am thinking of the case of iOS)
I don’t have rotten apples for testing

Please give feedback on different system if you want to move the thing forward.


You can use the Hell Yes-Code template (or your own version) to write the code directly and get the result faster. Well, it’s my point of view… I prefer to use HYC template and avoid creating too many templates for each case :innocent:

Saludos a todos


I just did a quick test with my IOS device.
I tried adding the result to a Rich Text component.
In the builder, it displayed fine and showed the details of my Macbook browser (as expected).
But on my IOS device, the component didn’t display - which suggests that the column was probably empty.

function detectMob() {
    const toMatch = [
        /Windows Phone/i

    return toMatch.some((toMatchItem) => {
        return navigator.userAgent.match(toMatchItem);

there is that, obviously it returns win32, iPad | iPhone | iPod,
to test !!


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According to my small research, I have seen no comments on the subject

Ah yes thank you @gvalero
I forgot.
But I prefer to do several because as I am old I will no longer remember the code

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Ah, it works… maybe I was just impatient.

This could be quite useful :slight_smile:


It may be necessary to do a little cleaning in all the information.

I think device and browser are the two obvious bits that are most useful.

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You said it was up some time later, probably worth adding my two cents here.

This morning, I tried sending to my webhook a column that is calculated based on Manu’s UTC time code the other day. That calculated perfectly fine in the builder but it is null when passed to the webhook.

I tried adding a few more columns based on that YC UTC column and they are all null going into the webhook. Something worth considering going forward.

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mmm, interesting.

The thing that changed here is that I created an if-then-else column so I could tell for certain if it had returned a result of not. eg:

And then I used that column in a hint component.


ah if you want to use a YC column in an action, the YC column must be displayed on the page. This is the only way I have found at the moment.
It works, but you have to be careful with this operation.

I think @Mark is growling with my post and he will tell us again that we cannot use YCs in an action.

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