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Three questions:

  1. Checking to see if staging (dev) and production capabilities have been added yet. Important for me, because I keep accidentally breaking stuff.

  2. How do I share a single project with another collaborator? I can only seem to share my whole team. I tried creating a new team to move the project there, but then it’s asking for another subscription.

  3. How do I delete a team that I don’t need? Haha


Staging / History isn’t available. For now the best you can do is duplicate a project or screen or component or table or column before working on it (if you’re concerned you might break something).

As far as I know the dashboard is not set up for you to be able to this. Roles are set at the team level, not at the project level. The dashboard is being revamped, but I don’t know if your request will be available in the new dashboard nor when.

In the dashboard, in the team you wish to delete: Billing > Delete (in red bottom right)

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Thanks @nathanaelb !

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Closest thing you can have is this, but it involves only front-end design. Back-end data is not included in this.

Yes, you can only move projects into teams that have a billing method configured. But that team doesn’t have to be on a paid plan. I guess it depends which features are used in the project you want to move.

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