Can someone explain what this section means?

I’m a bit confused on what a “team” is and why the project I have only shows there.

If I look under my actual name, there is no project there…

Is my name show up because I’m a member of my team? If so, that’s the difference between starting a project under “my team” or my name?

You have two team folders. One with a project in it and one with no projects in it. Each team is billed separately (if you have any paid subscription in either team). Think of teams as folders. Each team folder can have multiple collaborators if you choose. You can also have multiple projects in a team. If you have multiple projects in a team, they all share usage limits except for rows, which are counted per individual project.

You either created an extra team at some point, or your account came with two.

@glide Explain what Teams are.

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Good morning,
so I’ve reached my limit for the free plan and I need to upgrade. I’m a bit confused, it seems that if I have to folders, each needs a subscription. Can I transfer my project from team folder to my personal folder and get a subscription there? I intent to continue creating more apps, perhaps for others as well. Can I do this by adding all my projects in my personal folder and not running into issues with that? I’m about to upgrade but this part has me confused. I don’t want to upgrade to something I don’t want/or need. Thanks!

Your “personal folder” is still a team folder. There is nothing special about it other than it has your name as the team name. Nothing is different between the two other than the name of the folder. You can choose to upgrade and use either one. You can probably delete one of them if you don’t want to see it anymore. Also, you should be able to rename a folder to whatever suits you.

But yes, subscriptions are per team, so if you only need one team folder then that’s the one you upgrade and store your projects.


Thank you! I just upgraded and I’m super excited :hugs:


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